Outbound Packing SOP English



This SOP defines how to pack orders. The desired outcome is a complete and accurate order that will be packaged and shipped to the customer. 


  1. Laptop
  2. Scanner
  3. Plastic bins with inspected orders 
  4. Yellow rolling bin
  5. S,M,L Mailers
  6. Folder Pink Tissue Paper
  7. Pink Sticker


  1. Select an order to be packed from the rollers and place it on your desk.
  2. Locate the Order Ticket and in the OMS Shipments screen, click in the Shipments ID box and scan the barcode. 
    • If the barcode will not scan, manually enter the numbers from the order ticket for Shipment ID and Press the Enter key.
  3. Count the numbers of the items included in the bin and verify it matches the Order Ticket.
    • If the count is incorrect, stop here and bring the whole order to a supervisor.
  4. Put one pink sticker on the end of one folded sheet of tissue paper as shown below:
  5. Fold 3-6 pieces of apparel and stack on top on the pink paper.
  6. If jewelry or other small accessories are included, add those to the middle of the folded apparel stack.
  7. Roll the clothing and pink paper together and seal with a single pink sticker.
  8. Repeat steps 4-7 until all items are neatly folded and wrapped.
  9. Place wrapped clothing into pink envelopes so the items fit securely.
  10. Place the Order Ticket into the mailer along with the wrapped clothing.
  11. Select ‘Packed’ on the screen in OMS.
  12. Put the package into the yellow bin.

Success! You are now done packing the order!

Video Tutorial